Factors that Affect the Cost of Moving House

Moving house is a major change that takes extensive planning and effort. A helpful and efficient removal company, though, will help to streamline the process. You may wonder what factors will affect the cost of your move. Several relevant ones are outlined below, some of which you have more control over than others. 


Most removalists charge an hourly rate, so the overall time taken for your job is important. One thing that affects this is the distance of your move. If the removalists have to haul your stuff a long way, the job will inevitably take longer. You can't shrink the distance much (unless you relocate closer to make the move quicker!). Though you can always research the most direct route with the least traffic and even test-drive it if it's not too far away.


The accessibility of your property also affects how long a house removal takes and how much it costs. You may be able to improve access to some degree. For example, shift any obstacles that block a clear pathway from your home to where the truck will be parked. If you don't have a driveway where their vehicle can park, is there a close spot nearby? Some access issues you don't have control over, such as narrow doorways or a staircase, will add to the difficulty and length of the moving process.

Time of the Move 

Another factor that affects the cost of furniture removals is related to time: what time of day, week, month and year it is. Moving has peak and off-peak times, and removalists typically charge a cheaper hourly rate during the off-peak. These times are weekdays rather than the more popular weekends. You may also get cheaper rates by moving mid-month rather than at the start or end of the month. Some removalists can give a better rate at unusual times of the day or in different seasons.


Removalists' primary job is to load and unload your stuff into their vehicle, transport it to your new address, and do the reverse. They may also offer extra services such as packing and unpacking and disassembling and reassembling flat-pack furniture. A removal company can also provide packing materials such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap. You might consider it well worth it to take advantage of their expertise to help with packing and taking apart furniture. But this will inevitably add to the job's cost.

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