Student Removal Tips

As a student, you will regularly need to move. For instance, you might need to empty your hostel during vacations, relocate to a new hostel, or move further away from the campus when you secure a job. Moving your furniture, electronics, and books can be frustrating at times. However, this should not happen after reading these student removal tips.

Hire a Removalist

Most students do not see the need to hire a removalist since they presume the professionals specialise in moving homeowners and offices. However, removalists also organise moves for people with a small number of items. There are several impelling reasons to engage a removalist. First, you risk injuries by carrying and loading heavy cases and furniture. Your friends could help, but they may lack the expertise to handle heavy items. For instance, you should lift items with your legs and not your back to avoid back injuries. Besides, you should have protective gear such as boots and gloves to avoid minor injuries such as getting pinched or hit as you move the items. 

A downside of a DIY move is that you bear losses if your computer, fridge, or sofa gets damaged during the move. Conversely, you receive compensation if your items suffer damages under the care of the removalist. Modern removal services are not expensive as many students presume. Removalists have flexible packages designed to suit the needs of students. For instance, they could rent out a removal van and equipment to a student who cannot afford to pay the removal crew. 

Hire Storage Space

In some cases, you have to move out of your current accommodation but do not have plans of where to move into. If this is your case, ask the removalist to organise a conveniently located storage unit or provide onsite storage at your preferred location. If you opt for offsite storage, inspect the unit and ask the removal crew to help you organise the unit. Most removalists will gladly move your items from the unit to your new accommodation at a discounted price. 


Over time, you accumulate a lot of items, some of which you no longer need. For instance, you might have old books and clothes, damaged appliances, and home fixtures. You do not need to move these items to your new accommodation. Dispose of them or donate valuable items to some of your friends. 

When planning a student move, hire a removalist, consider the need for storage, and declutter before the move.