4 Insider Tips on How to Conduct a Successful House Removal

For most people, house removal is a nerve-wracking activity. However, this should not be the case. Below is an excerpt with four insider secrets on how to successfully move your home. Hopefully, it will help ensure a stress-free removal. 

1. Always Consider Removalist Services

You can avoid the hassles of packing and arranging your items by engaging the services of a removalist. Some people think that removalists are expensive. However, this is far from the truth. Removalists structure their packages to suit the needs of their clientele. For example, if you are on a budget, the removalist could offer backloading services. Typically, you will share the removals truck with another customer. Packing services could or could not be available. 

When hiring a removalist, it is imperative to conduct some background research to establish they have a valid operating licence, the experience, and the equipment required to move your home. Additionally, assess the professional's reputation. 

2. Determine if You Need Storage

It is only natural that you would want your new home as spacious as possible. For this reason, you may need to declutter your home. Items such as old furniture and electronics, clothes, boats, and ATVs will occupy a lot of space in your home. For this reason, you should consider hiring temporary or permanent storage. Most removalists will organise a suitable storage unit and transport your items at no extra cost.

3. Insure Your Items

Insurance is a critical aspect of any move. Typically, the cover compensates you for items lost or damaged during the move. Do not take the cheapest cover. Instead, choose a cover that meets your needs. For example, you should check the limits on the coverage and how to file a claim. Top shelf removal coverage will compensate you a new item if an item is lost or damaged during the move. 

4. Organise Transport For Valuables and Pets  

Most removalists choose not to transport pets and valuables. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. Most homeowners are sentimentally attached to their pets. As such, they would be dismayed if their pet died during transport due to suffocation. Some pets will panic when kept in an enclosed place away from their owners. As such, they could either suffer illness or damage items inside the removals truck.

Valuables like paintings cannot be restored if they get damaged during the move. If you have no way of transporting these items, your removalist will connect you to a third-party service provider specialising in transporting valuables or pets. 

When moving your home, work with a house removal company, determine the need for storage, insure your items and organise transport for pets and valuables.