How To Plan An Interstate Move

An interstate move could cause a lot of anxiety. It is especially so since it requires meticulous preparation. If you happen to be planning an interstate move, read the article below for some tips on how to plan an interstate move successfully. 

Prepare Your New Address

It is a critical yet forgotten interstate removals activity. Below are a few ways to prepare your new home for the move: 

  • Check the available space to determine if you require storage space.
  • Assess whether the house needs renovations. If possible, these should be conducted before you move in.
  • Connect essential amenities such as water, gas, and the internet. Remember, you will need this immediately you move in.
  • Check whether you need to make parking arrangements before the removal truck arrives. It happens if the new property is close to a busy street.
  • Examine the entrance points of the house. It will help you determine whether your furniture and appliances can fit through. 

Move What You Need

Removal costs are a significant concern for most people. One way to reduce removal costs is by ensuring you move with only what you need. Worn-out clothes, appliances and furniture that you no longer use should be donated or sold. It helps reduce the amount of time spent packing and the size of the removals truck. Besides, you will have a spacious new home. 

Create A Removals Plan

Create the removal plan in collaboration with your removalist. It should detail the following: 

  • The date and time that you intend to move.
  • Preparation activities such as informing the property manager of the move, buying removal cartons, and assessing the need for special removal equipment such as dollies and forklifts. 
  • The amount of time it will take to pack your items. If you have a lot of items, the removalist might need to work for more than one day.
  • The need for accommodation along the way. It happens if you will be moving for hundreds of kilometres.
  • How you will pay the removal charges. Most removalists will ask for a deposit. You will pay the remaining amount on the removals date. 

Check Interstate Regulations

Assess government regulations that might affect your move. For instance, some states could have their borders closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Others could prohibit you from moving with certain plants or animals. Your removalists should help you secure the required permits.

When moving interstate, prepare your new home, declutter your current home, create a removals plan and check interstate regulations. Contact an interstate removal service to learn more.