Two suggestions for first-time users of furniture removal services

Here are two suggestions to keep in mind if you are a first-time user of a furniture removal service.

Let the furniture removalists know if an item needs to removed through a window

If you know that one of your furniture items is too big to be carried through your home's exterior door and, therefore, needs to be removed through a ground-floor window, you must let the furniture removals business know ahead of time. Even if the window through which you'll be asking them to pass the furniture is large and on the ground floor, using this route may still take quite a bit longer than carrying the furniture through a door.

If the window does not open wide enough, you might have to remove the glass temporarily before they can push the furniture through this opening. If you do not consider this and just assume it will fit through the window without removing the glass, you might have to spend time removing it before they can start moving the furniture. Unfortunately, if the removals team have booked in your house move for a specific timeslot and have another client booked in for the subsequent slot, they might not be able to wait for you to remove the pane. By getting this done before their arrival, they should be able to move your furniture within your timeslot.

Double-check that the dismantled furniture is in the right room before they reassemble it

If the furniture removalists are going to reassemble the dismantled furniture they deliver, then you must double-check that you are happy with where the furniture components are located before they do this final task. For example, if they put a double bed back together and you later decide that you want that bed to put in a different bedroom, you will have to dismantle and move all of the pieces again. Unfortunately, if you are not good at furniture assembly, you might find it to be a very frustrating task.

As such, you should be absolutely certain that specific furniture items are in the rooms where you want them to be permanently kept. In addition, if there are pieces of furniture that look very similar, you should closely inspect the components to check that they are in the correct location before giving the go-ahead to the removalists who will be assembling them in that particular space.

For more information, contact a furniture removal company.