Two mistakes people make when using removalists' services

Here is a brief look at a couple of the mistakes people often make when using the services of removalists.

Forgetting to tell the removalist that they intend to bring their carpets when booking a moving van

When a person calls up a removalist, they will have to tell them how large they need the moving van to be. The vehicle the removalist decides to use will be based mainly on the number of belongings the client needs to transport and the size of their biggest pieces of furniture.

One mistake that some people make is not mentioning that they'll be taking their carpets with them when discussing which van the removalist should use. More often than not, they don't mention it because they don't realise how big a rolled-up carpet can be. For example, a carpet that is used on the floor of a 600-square-metre room will probably be quite long and heavy. As such, if a client asks their removalist for a specific size of moving van based on the fact that their largest furniture items, along with their boxes, will fit into it, they may find that the carpet that they didn't think to measure or to mention to the removalist turns out to be too long for this van's storage area and that it juts out beyond the van's back doors.

If this is the case, their removalist will not be able to put it in their van (as driving with the van's back doors ajar would be incredibly dangerous). The client might then have to leave their carpet behind. If however, they remember to measure their carpet's length in its rolled-up position, the removalist will be able to pick a van that has a sufficiently long storage container to stow this carpet.

Not packing their dismantled items correctly

It's quite common for people to dismantle bigger furniture items to ensure that their removalists can fit them through doorways and can pack these items in a compact position in their moving vans. However, sometimes, after taking furniture apart, people pack the dismantled items correctly. For example, they might stuff the four legs of a table into four different boxes and leave the screws that they'll need to reattach these legs lying loose in a fifth box.

This might not only result in them being unable to reconstruct their table (because they might not be able to find the screws or one of the legs), but it might also lead to them calling the removalist in a panicked state and insisting that they check their emptied moving van to see if the missing component has been left inside. By using straps to bundle the table legs together, stowing all of the screws in a sealable plastic bag and putting them all into one box, people can get their furniture set up quickly and avoid inconveniencing their removalist after this professional has already left.

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