Three Items Your Removal Service Cannot Move For You

There is plenty of organization required to ensure that moving day is one that is easy and successful. A removal service does all the hard work of loading the truck and getting your belongings to your new home, which means all you need to worry about is the packing side of things. However, it is important to know that there are some belongings in your home which your removal service cannot move for you. Here is a list of three of those items, so you can make alternative plans to get them to your new residence.


Many garages contain paint cans and aerosol sprays which are remnants of previous projects long since completed. However, if you want to take these paint leftovers to your new property, then you need to transport them by car. The reason for this is they are classed as hazardous and may explode or catch fire in transit. If you do not want to take these items with you, contact your local landfill to find out whether they have a paint disposal system on site.

Perishable Food

It should go without saying that you should not expect to take perishable food onto a truck, but in the past, it has been attempted. Moving trucks sit parked while the truck is loaded and unloaded at each end of the trip. As there is potential for the truck to be sitting for hours, perishable food quickly enters a point where eating it is likely to result in food poisoning. Eat or dispose of perishable food before moving day arrives.

Fuelled Power Equipment

There is no problem with taking your lawnmower with you to the new home, but you do need to remove the petrol in its tank before you go. If you do not like the idea of syphoning the petrol out back into the fuel can, then mow your lawn until there is no fuel left in the tank. Try to do this at least one day prior to moving day so that all fuel fumes have evaporated before the lawnmower is loaded. Fuel is another explosive hazard, which is why your removal service does not want it on the truck.

If you come across any items while packing up your home that you worry will not be accepted onto the moving truck, give your removal service a call to discuss. That way you can ensure that all such items have other transport arranged for them before moving day arrives.