Qualities to Look for When Shopping for Secondhand Packing Boxes

If you are planning to move house in a month or two, then early preparation is paramount, and that means you have to gather enough packing boxes. While you can buy new packing boxes from the store, you can save a lot of money by simply getting used packing cartons. However, you must be careful because not all used boxes will protect your belongings during transit. Most importantly, you must ensure the boxes are top quality since they will be housing some of your prized and delicate belongings. This article highlights tips for inspecting secondhand packing cartons.


When shopping for secondhand boxes, you must understand that they might have been used to transport all manner of products. For instance, some carton boxes are used to transport fruits, while others are used to transport hazardous materials. If you do not look closely at how clean the cartons are, then you will be putting your belongings at risk. For example, if you pack bedding in a carton box used to transport grease, the chances are that the bedding will pick the grease, thereby making them dirty and challenging to wash. Therefore, as you shop for a carton box, make sure you inspect them for cleanliness because it is one way to protect your belongings.


The last thing you want when buying used packing cartons are wet spots. See, carton boxes easily absorb liquids that affect structural integrity. For instance, carton boxes used to transport liquids such as milk will, most often than not, have wet spots. Even if the wet spots dry up, the boxes will not be as sturdy as they ought to be. To be on the safe side, therefore, make sure you inspect the boxes thoroughly for wet signs. However, be careful with stores that offer secondhand packing boxes for free, as that could be an indication that they are not structurally stable. However, it does not mean that any free carton boxes are not fit for packing purposes.


Carton boxes come in different types: single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall. As their names suggest, single-wall carton boxes are lighter, while triple-wall boxes are the strongest. While you can still use single-wall carton boxes for your packaging issues, they are not the best, especially for long-distance transit. Triple-wall boxes are the strongest and best suited for any of your belongings, whether delicate or not. Therefore, it is essential to understand the differences when shopping for secondhand carton boxes.