Things to Know About Restumping

If you're intending to move to Melbourne in order to relocate or invest in a property, you'll be able to reduce your overall purchase costs if you buy something that is in need of a little renovation. Whilst the need for interior decorating is common amongst most older houses, you may not be familiar with the need for restumping.

Restumping can be a relatively large project to undertake but will form the foundation of the house and improve its structural integrity. This guide will help you to better understand what restumping is so you can broaden the range of projects you can undertake without the fear of not knowing the implications of doing so. Plus, you'll find a few tips to help you choose the best company for you.

What Is Restumping?

Stumps form the foundation of many houses in and around Melbourne. They are often made of wood or brick, which can take a lot of weight pressure, and hold up a house off of the ground. They are common amongst beach houses and are a useful defence against flooding and heavy rain. Sometimes they may need repairing, but there are plenty of approved companies out there with the expertise to do so.

Who Should You Hire and How Does It Work? 

Hiring a professional company to restump your house is always going to be the best way forward. Without proper structural support for the house, you run the risk of collapse. Likewise, without proper support during the renovation, there is a great risk to the individuals restumping the house. The way they do this is similar to how you would fix a car wheel. They jack up the house so that it is fully supported, then replace the stumps whilst ensuring the ground beneath is level and solid. Then the house is gently placed back down. 

Before You Hire

Before you buy a property, ask how many stumps it has. When you call around you'll be able to get a quote per individual stump. This will enable you to make a maximum estimate to budget into your costs. Try to get as many quotes as possible though to ensure you get the best deal and consider how much they are charging for the deposit. Try to make it as little as possible. Restumping is serious work and it needs to be done properly by a company that can then provide certification after the final inspection. Only then should you consider paying the lump sum.