Preparing for your big move

Moving between states can be an amazing adventure, but it does require a good deal of preparation. In addition to the usual challenges of packing your belongings and moving house, interstate moves come with their own set of challenges arising from the distances and legal differences involved. Here are some of the key issues to consider when planning an interstate move. 

Choosing a removalist

A qualified interstate removalist can do a lot to make your move easier. While many removal firms only deal with short-haul journeys within a city or region, interstate removalists have the equipment and experience needed for longer trips. Choose your removalist well in advance and discuss exactly what services you need before getting a written price quotation. In addition to picking up your furniture and belongings, they can offer other services, such as delivering packing materials. You should also be sure that you have the right kind of insurance for your move -- you want insurance that covers damage to your property both while it's in transit and while it's being loaded or unloaded.

Transferring your driver's licence

There's a lot to do around a move, so it can be tempting to delay transferring your driver's licence. After all, you can drive on your licence from the state you came from for up to three months. However, you should make sure you know what you'll need to get your new licence. For instance, in Western Australia you'll need either your original licence or supporting documents from the issuing authority, in addition to various documents proving your address and identity. Make sure you know what you need before you pack for your journey. 


Because of the threat of damage to the environment from pests and invasive species, quarantine restrictions prevent you transporting certain types of plants and animals between states. These vary by destination state and state of origin. For instance, certain potted plants require a permit if you are bringing them into Queensland from any state, while garden tools require a permit only if you're bringing them in from Victoria or the Northern Territory. If you're unsure what you need to leave at home or get a permit for, the government publishes a useful Traveller's Guide

Decluttering, packing, changing your address and all the other hassles of a new home are common to every type of move. If you have a plan for those -- and deal with the challenges specific to moving between states -- your interstate move will be as painless as it is exciting.