Tips For Working With Removalists on Moving Day

If you have hired removalists to help you on moving day, they will need some direction and proper communication. This ensures the moving process goes smoothly and that all your expectations are met. If you are new to moving with the help of a moving company, these tips will help.

Label the Boxes Clearly

In order for the removalists to take your boxes and put them in the right room of your new home, you need to label the boxes. If you fail to label them correctly, you can't blame a mover for not remembering which box came from the kitchen and which ones go to your bedroom. Label each box not just with the contents, but with what room they go into. As you arrive at the new home, show the movers the rooms of the home and where they can place certain items. Putting labels on the doors of each child's bedroom is very helpful so they know where the boxes go. Proper labelling of boxes also helps the movers know which items are fragile.

Let Them Know About Your Preferences

Removalists are going to move furniture and boxes into the truck as they see fit unless you provide specific instructions. If you know that you want a certain box to be available the first night of move-in day, but you don't have room for it in your own vehicle, put a clear label on it and let the removalists know. They will then place the box in the truck last, so that you can grab it first when you get into your new home and set it aside. This prevents any confusion later on.

Give Them a Set Schedule For Moving Day

You have likely already provided your moving company with a time for them to arrive at your home to start loading up furniture and boxes, but if there is a strict schedule for the day, let them know. For example, you might need to be out of the house by a certain time for your cleaning crew to arrive and get it ready for the landlord. If this is the case, let the removalists know so they can stick to the schedule.

Provide Basic Amenities

This is optional, but a common courtesy that is good to do. If you have a large home, it might take a while to get the moving done. It helps to provide some basic amenities for the removalists just in case, such as a downstairs bathroom they are free to use, a pot of coffee, and some bottled water.