It's All in the Preparation - Tips for Moving House

Before moving house it is important to make sure that everything is in order to help to reduce any unnecessary stress and assist in making the move as smooth as possible. Here is a list of recommended things to do before the removal company arrives to ensure that you are organised and efficient and to reduce the risk of damage to your furniture. 

1. Make a Packing List

First of all you should make a packing list. This should be done in advance and will help you to pack away your things efficiently so that you can still survive in your current property with all of the essentials up until your last day. 

2. Throw Away Your Junk

Spend some time going through all of your things and ask yourself whether you really need to keep all of it. By reducing the amount of things you keep, you can further reduce the amount of boxes you need and the time it will take to move and unpack them. 

3. Different Sized Boxes

Choose different sized boxes that are strong and sturdy and preferably made from reinforced corrugated cardboard. Using different sizes will also allow you to maximize your storage potential, particularly when stacking them up in an awkward sized room or in a vehicle. Using smaller boxes will make them less heavy to carry and will mean there is less to search through should you need to find a particular item in one of them. 

4. Pack an 'Essentials' Box

Pack an overnight 'essentials' box for the first few days. It should contain things such as tea, coffee, a kettle and some toiletries to help you stay fresh and allow you to relax during your breaks from packing.

5. Pack Hazardous Materials Separately

Try to separate all of your hazardous materials from the rest of your items. Things such as deodorant, bathroom and kitchen cleaners as well as other aerosols should be clearly labeled and stored correctly to avoid spillages.

Moving house is difficult, so every opportunity to make it a smooth process should be taken. Try to plan as much as possible and enlist the help of family and friends to make packing much easier and a little more fun. Above all try to label every box and attach a list of items to the outside to reduce any time spent looking for specific items. Furniture removalists will appreciate the extra organisation as they will have an easier time understanding where specific boxes need to go within the house.