Moving 101: Essential Packing Tips You Need to Follow

If you are planning on moving house soon, you will first need to pack up your belongings. Whether this is your first move or it has been a while, the following packing tips can prove very useful.

Use New Moving Boxes

While it is tempting to use boxes you have had in your garage for a while, these are not ideal for moving. Old cardboard boxes are flimsy and might have pests like cockroaches or rats in them. Unless you have absolutely no other option, it is best to recycle those cardboard boxes and buy some new ones for the move. Many stores carry moving boxes, as well as local moving companies and self-storage facilities. You should also not get your boxes from grocery stores, as their cardboard boxes are not made for moving. These are not going to be stable enough for your heavier items.

Stop Wrapping Fragile Items in Newspaper

When you start placing items in the moving boxes, be careful what packaging material you use. Many people use newspaper and sale inserts to wrap fragile items since they are readily available and don't cost anything. While this might be more convenient for you, you might end up with some items that are now ruined. Newspaper has a tendency to leave behind ink spots on items like glassware and even your fine China. It is best that you get some white paper for packing items, which is usually found in the packaging and moving section of local stores.

Know What Not to Pack

Not everything that is being moved to your new home should be packed up into a box. For example, if you have important papers and documents, it is best that you keep them in a storage container or safe and place that in your vehicle. You want to have this with you during the move, especially if you are hiring a moving company and won't be driving the moving truck on your own. That way, if you need a passport or birth certificate, you know it is already with you. Also avoid packing small valuables, heirlooms, and personal effects that fit in your vehicle.

Pack One Room at a Time

It can get chaotic when you start thinking about packing up boxes for your move, so it helps to start with just one room at a time. This allows you to get everything in that room all packed up and ready to go, as well as labeling and numbering the boxes. 

For more moving tips and packaging solutions, contact a local moving company.