Minimising the Cost of Your Move

As everyone knows, moving house can be an expensive exercise. Luckily there are some simple things you can do to reduce the cost. 

Ask friend and stores for boxes

New moving boxes and packing materials can bulk up your moving costs. It's well worth asking any friends who have just moved if you can use their packing boxes or seeing if any neighbors or businesses have spare boxes you can take. Parents of babies can be a great source of empty nappy boxes, for example, and many local businesses are happy to give used shipping boxes to customers rather than having to dispose of them themselves.

Use this time for a clean out

Moving can be a great time to do a spring clean. The less stuff that you need to move, the less you will need to pay for the move and the simpler the packing and unpacking process. As you pack your items, have two piles close by for things that you wish to donate and items that you'd prefer to throw out. If you are moving a long distance and aren't that attached to your furniture, it might be cheaper to sell your furniture in your current city and buy some new furniture in your new city. 

Get a range of quotes

It's always useful to get a range of quotes that cover the move you're doing so that you can choose the best possible deal. Some removalists quote in different ways, including volumetrics quotes and time and distance quotes. You may find that the price depends on the amount of furnishings you are moving as well as the distance you are moving. You can also ask if you can reduce the quote by helping the movers (or getting someone else to assist them). 

Try to stay flexible 

It can be more expensive to move on a weekend or at peak times, such as the end of the university year. If you can avoid moving at these times you can sometimes get a lower, off-peak rate on your moving costs. If you are moving a long distance and don't have much stuff, you can also reduce your costs by waiting until the moving company has a full load heading in your direction. (Just make sure to keep anything that you'll need with you as you could have to wait a while to see the rest of your possessions.)

It is possible to move on a budget. Finding a cheap removalist can help you save money for the other costs associated with moving. Look for a service like Melbourne Cheap Suburb Removal to get started.