Don't Forget These Essential Things When Moving Long-Distance

Moving long distance requires a lot more organization and panning than a short distance move, but that's not enough to make sure it goes smoothly. Here are some common mistakes people make that it is important you are aware of before you leave for the long journey to your new home.

Put Aside Items You Need While Traveling

A common mistake people make when they are packing up items to be moved for a long-distance relocation is accidentally packing things they need while traveling. Make sure when you start packing and putting stuff away, you keep the items you need in the car or on the plane with you. Put them in a bag or box that is clearly labeled so you know that those items don't go in a box for the movers. If you leave items in an unmarked box, it might accidentally get picked up by the movers and then you're without those items. Basic toiletries, your driver's license and other personal effects are included. Also make sure your passport and flight information if you're flying is in your purse or carry-on bag, along with personal documents like birth certificates and social security cards. In your personal bag, also place prescription medications and items your children might need for the road, such as diapers and formula for the baby.

Check Hidden Spaces for Items You Forgot

If you have any secret storage places in your home, it can be easy to forget these areas when you start packing up boxes. Before moving day, double-check that all the little hidden areas of your home are empty and free of belongings. For example, you might have hidden emergency cash in the vent of your bedroom, or a teenager might be stashing personal items underneath one of their floor boards. Even places like the corner of your attic or underneath the stairs someone in your house could be hiding items they forgot about.

Know the Building's Rules For Moving In

The last thing you want to do after a long road trip to your new home is find out that the condo building only allows people to move in during certain hours or days. While many buildings are flexible, others have specific times set ahead. They do this because you might be using the elevator to move boxes and furniture, which prevents residents from being able to use the elevators. Make sure you know the rules and regulations about move-in day beforehand so you don't arrive and have no choice but to wait before moving belongings inside your new home.

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