Think of the Art! How to Safely Transport Paintings When You Move

You might not feel like you've properly moved into a new home until all the furniture is in its right place and all the paintings are hanging on the walls. Hopefully all your paintings will have made it to your new home without being damaged. This is actually not so difficult to achieve, just so long as you know how to transport paintings safely.


Position a blanket or doona on the floor directly in front of the painting that is to be moved. Remove the painting from the wall and lay it face down onto the blanket. Wrap the blanket securely around the painting.


It's best to secure the blanket in place using string, as opposed to adhesive tape. Tape can become attached to the painting's frame, which can leave a sticky residue or even remove the frame's finish when it's peeled off. If you cannot locate any suitable string and decide to use tape, please be very careful to ensure that it does not come into contact with the painting's frame.


If the painting needs to be placed into storage or will be in transit for an extended period of time, an extra layer of protection can be wise. Wrap the blanketed painting in bubble wrap, which can then be secured using tape (which offers better protection than string during this stage of the process). The tape is affixed to the bubble wrap while the painting and its frame remains safely contained within the blanket.


Ask the removalists if they are able to provide a wooden crate large enough to contain your paintings during transport. A plastic crate or container will also be appropriate. This will house the paintings in a secure environment, ensuring that they won't be damaged if a piece of furniture becomes loose and begins to move around inside the interior of the removal truck.


Exercise extreme caution when removing both the bubble wrap and the blanket at the other end. It can be very easy for an accidental slip of the hand to damage the painting if you use scissors or a knife. Try to peel off the tape and manually untie the string without the use of any metal implements.

So while safely transporting paintings isn't that difficult, you need to spend a little bit of time to ensure that the job is done properly, allowing you to enjoy your art for years to come. If you're still concerned about safely transporting your art, take time to discuss steps you can take with a moving company like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd. They will work with you to keep everything in good condition.