How to Protect Floors During a Removal

It is very easy to forget to protect the floor when you are planning a removal from one home to another. That oversight can result in costly damage due to dirt, scratches and cuts on floors and floor covers (such as carpets). This article discusses some helpful suggestions that you can use to limit the likelihood that the floors in your new home will be damaged as you move in.

Get Carpet Mask

Carpets can be protected from dirt and other forms of damage by covering them with carpet mask. This can be bought from furniture stores or outlets selling moving products. Buy mask that is self-adhering so that it does not shift as the removalists walk over it carrying your belongings.

Choose Dollies Carefully

Heavy belongings such as furniture can be moved easily by placing them on dollies. However, not every kind of dolly will be gentle on your floor. For example, dollies with metal wheels can easily damage hardwood floors. Prevent this kind of damage by requesting for dollies that have rubber wheels.

Use Plywood

Plywood can protect carpets and delicate floor sheets such as linoleum sheets. The plywood will form a temporary floor over which heavy items can be moved without any risk of damage to the carpeting and floors. You may not need to buy plywood to cover all the floors in the home. Buy just enough to cover the areas where the heaviest traffic will be experienced during the move (such as the living room and the hallways). This plywood can then be moved to different areas of the home where floor protection is needed.

Don't Ignore Furniture Legs

Furniture legs can easily catch in thick carpeting and tear it. They can also scratch wooden floors as the furniture is dragged or lowered onto that floor. It is therefore advisable to wrap furniture legs in socks or towels so that the furniture legs do not damage floor materials and coverings during the removal.

Stock Up On Doormats

One doormat may not be enough to capture most of the dirt or moisture on the shoes of the removalists if your removal is during winter or when it has rained. Arrange several doormats in series (one after the other rather side by side) so that the removalists will step on succeeding doormats before finally getting into the house. Each doormat stepped on will remove some dirt or moisture until there will be little left by the time the individuals step on the carpets or floors inside the house.

Consult your preferred removalists for the best combination of floor protection measures that will deliver the best results for the carpets and floors in your new house.