Reasons to Opt For a Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit

Self storage units offer convenience for both individual or commercial use in the event that your belongings are beginning to take up too much space on your property. Although average self storage units may meet your needs for additional space, they do not ensure utmost care for your valuables. If you are looking to store away important documents, antique furniture items, electronic devices and more, then you should consider using climate controlled self storage units. Here are some of the reasons why these types of units may be better off than opting for an average self storage unit.

Your belongings are protected from extreme temperature changes

Australia is known for extreme temperature changes, especially during the winter and the summer months. These drastic changes can wreak havoc on sensitive items and cause irreparable damage. For instance, if wood is exposed to increasingly hot temperatures, it will gradually begin to warp, crack or splinter. This will compromise the structural integrity of items such as antique furniture and reduce their value. Other items that can be compromised due to temperature changes are documents and books as paper is not supposed to be subjected to heat. With a climate-controlled unit, you can rest assured that your belongings are not being exposed to erratic temperature changes, thus ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

Your belongings are protected from humidity

The amount of humidity in a room will be dictated by the prevailing weather conditions outdoors. You may assume that by opting for self storage your items will not be exposed to moisture, but this is not correct. If the room was hot and then prevailing temperatures fall, moisture begins to form in the air. If this moisture collects in electronic devices, it can cause irreparable damage. Additionally, the presence of humidity also promotes the growth of mould and mildew. This can affect any clothing items you have put into storage as well as affect upholstery, documents and more. With a climate-controlled unit, there is no chance of humidity developing, which ensures your items are protected from any damp while they are in storage.

Your belongings are protected from contaminated air

One aspect of self storage that most people tend to overlook is the quality of air that your belongings will be exposed to. However, just because this unit is not being used to shelter humans does not mean that your belongings cannot benefit from clean air. In a climate-controlled unit, the air is circulated on a regular basis. This eliminates contaminants such as dust, which could accumulate over your belongings over time. Dust will not only stain fabrics and paper, but could also cause electronic devices to stop working altogether. In a climate-controlled unit, you can rest assured that your items will remain in good condition, no matter the extent of time they are kept in storage.