Important Questions to Ask Any Potential Removalist Company Before a Move

A removalist company can be a great choice for when you need to pack up your entire home and move to a new location, as packing your items and moving furniture can be a bigger chore than you may realize. Many removalist companies can also help you start packing and may even provide storage space for items you pack up but don't want underfoot between now and your move. To ensure you choose the right removalist company and know what's involved in your move, note a few questions and topics you may need to cover with them.

1. Ask if they handle firearms

Even if they're locked away in a gun case or taken apart, a removalist company may not handle firearms, crossbows, hunting knives, and items like these, as well as ammunition, arrows, and the like. They may handle empty gun cases and a gun safe, but if you have firearms, hunting equipment, and other such items, always ask if a removalist will take these items before you assume you can simply toss them into the back of their truck.

2. Ask if appliances need to be emptied

Very often you will need to empty your refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, and other such appliances before they can be moved. It may be tempting to keep your pots and pans in the oven so that they're packed away and secured during the move or assume you can take your food with you while it's in the fridge, but this isn't always the case. Be sure you ask about appliances you may want to have moved so you can plan ahead to get more boxes for your food and other such items rather than assuming you can just secure the appliances and move them while they're full.

3. Can plants be moved?

Whether or not a removalist company can take plants, you want to ensure that your plants are allowed to be moved to your new area if you're moving across the country, to a new state, or to a new country altogether. Some areas have restrictions on the types of plants that can be brought into their region, especially if the plant is flowering or produces fruit and if you are going to actually plant it in the ground. This can often attract unwanted insects and invasive types of bugs and may hurt the overall soil composition of your property. Be sure you note if your plant can be taken with you before you ask the removalist if they can pack it up.

For more information, start contacting local removalists