What to Look For In Self Storage

If you are in need of self storage space, you might want to have as much information as possible. There have been various developments in the industry which means that there are more features available nowadays than before. There are also many companies that provide these services meaning that you now have a wide range to choose from. Knowing what to look for can go a long way in helping you choose the best provider. It can also ensure that you get the best services that are suitable for your needs.

Add-On Services

Previously, all the self storage facility needed to provide was a space with a lock. This would be accepted by many people to store their items. However, now you can get more added services with these facilities. For instance, you might need a moving truck to transport the items from your home to the facility, and the storage facility may arrange for you to hire a truck for this work. The facility may also sell or rent some of the items that you may forget; these include seat covers and dust covers. Moving air in the storage space may spread dust and cause damage to your furniture, so having those items could prove very useful. Other services the facility may offer include a business centre. This can allow you to buy storage essentials that you might have forgotten. The facility could also organize a garage-style sale where you can sell some of your items.

User Experience

Whenever you are dealing with a service company, it is important to select one that will give you a stress-free experience. The self storage facility should provide bona fide benefits to the customers. For instance, if the facility gives you advice on how to pack your items then you should select them. This indicates that the business cares for its customers. The facility may also give you advice on some of the other items such as appropriate packaging materials. As such, they will ensure that you have a seamless experience when you store your goods with them.


Word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to learn about a business. Referrals often come from people who are satisfied with the services they received from a self storage store. If you ask your friends and family to refer you to a facility, you may get an idea of which company offers the best services. The feedback might also let you know which companies to avoid. In Australia, you will find that there are many businesses offering storage space. Knowing what to look for can help you out in choosing the one that suits you best.