How Does a Self-Storage Facility Differ from a Portable Storage Facility?

You may be wishing for additional storage space for your belongings. You may be unsure about whether you should select a self-storage facility or pick a portable storage facility. Your indecision may be due to your inability to tell the two options apart. If that is the case, read on and discover some important information about those two ways of keeping your belongings.


Self-storage facilities are available at a location that has been set up to provide that service. You can rent a unit that meets your storage requirements. For instance, you can rent a self-storage locker where you can keep a few things. You can also rent a large climate-controlled unit for your large book collection. These self-storage facilities are ideal when you would like to store your belongings but you are not moving to a new address. In this case, you can pick a self-storage facility that is close to where you live.

Self-storage units offer several advantages. First, they have security measures that you may not have at home. For instance, each self-storage unit may be equipped with an alarm system and a CCTV monitoring system. This ensures that risks to your property are minimised. Secondly, self-storage facilities are cost effective. This is because you may not incur costs to access the facility, and you will not be charged pick-up or delivery fees. However, the cost of these units varies based on the location and on the range of the services that you would like to receive.

Portable Storage

This refers to a storage option where a container (such as a shipping container) is delivered to your address for loading. The containers also vary in size. They can be rented or purchased. Once it is loaded, the container can be picked up and taken to a portable storage facility, or it can be taken to your new home/address. These facilities are ideal if you are moving from one address to another.

However, portable storage has shortcomings. For instance, the container can be an eyesore if it remains on your property. You may also be charged each time you wish to access the portable storage container once it has been taken to a portable storage depot. You will also incur drop off and pick up costs as the container is brought to your address (and taken away after you have loaded it).

As you can see, each storage option has its own unique benefits. You should select the one that will meet your specific needs. You may need to contact a moving and storage company near you for additional help in choosing which option will meet your needs.