What Should You Look Out For With Furniture Removalists?

Not all furniture removalists are the same. For example, some may offer furniture removals services as well as home removals services. Others may offer a more straightforward service that is used for removing a much wider range of goods. When it comes to furniture that you will want to remain in good condition, it is important to select a professional removals firm. If, on the other hand, you simply want an old settee or bed taken to the municipal dump on your behalf, then this consideration will not be so important. Assuming you want your furniture taken to another property in good condition and ready to be used again, what should you be looking out for?


To begin with, professional furniture removalists should have some form of insurance. It is no good relying on your home contents insurance when your furniture is in transit because most policies do not cover this. More often than not, they only cover you for accidental damage in the home. Therefore, you will want to see on any quotation you receive that your belongings will be covered up to a certain value. In addition, professional removals firms should have public liability cover. This will come into play if anything is dropped as it is being carried out of your home and injures a third party. Although such incidents are rare, you don't want to be sued because of an accident that was not even your fault.

Moving and Handling

Unlike more casual forms of labour, professional removalists should be properly trained in all aspects of moving and handling. This is particularly important when it comes to furniture removalists because items like sofas, wardrobes and beds are both bulky and heavy. You often need lifting straps to be able to pick them up and shift them without bending your back, so this is a skilled job that requires experience. Check that the company you choose to move your items has the necessary know-how, especially if your furniture will need to be carried up and down stairwells.


Not all furniture removalists are certified by groups like the Australian Furniture Removers Association. Although this does not necessarily mean they are not up to the job, membership in such organisations is a mark of excellence. Certification often indicates a level of professionalism that covers anything from customer service to the manner by which company trucks are driven.